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Huayuan Environmental Protection Theme activities of the Dragon Boat Festival

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Thick Dragon Boat Festival, blooming in June! In order to vigorously carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and inherit the culture and customs of the national traditional festivals. On June 24, staff representatives from all departments of Xinxiang Xinyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. held the theme activity of "strong Dragon Boat Festival and deep dumpling fragrance". In the No. 2 staff restaurant of the park, the atmosphere was active. Women from production department, technology department, sales department and other departments jointly carried out the folk activities of making zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival, and spent the beautiful traditional festival together.

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The theme activity combined with the Dragon Boat Festival not only inherits the traditional culture, but also strengthens the sense of teamwork of all employees. The activities make the company full of a strong festival atmosphere, let all staff feel the company's cultural atmosphere, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company. On the occasion of this festival, all the staff of Xinyuan environmental protection wish all our customers, friends and relatives well-being! Thank you for your support and help for Xinyuan environmental protection in the past time. It is with customers and friends like you that Xinyuan has a stronger development momentum! The grace of dripping water should be reported to the spring! On the way to the future, Xinyuan is willing to work with you all the way to create good results!

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2、 Notes on holiday

(1) During the holiday, all departments are requested to do a good job in safety inspection. Fire prevention and anti-theft are the main contents of the security inspection of the office. Keep important documents and valuables in a safe place to ensure that doors and windows are closed and locked to prevent theft. Turn off the room switch to ensure the safety of electricity use.

(2) Company office and workshop staff on duty must improve the safety awareness during the festival!

(3) Recently, the risk level of the epidemic situation in Beijing and other areas has been upgraded. Please do not choose areas with high epidemic situation during the holiday, so as not to delay the work arrangement after the festival.

(4) Holiday date: our company is scheduled to take three days off from June 25 to June 27, 2020, and work normally on June 28! During the holiday can receive orders, unified arrangements for production and delivery after the festival!

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