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Huayuan Environmental Protection 2020 outstanding employees commendation Conference

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The new year's bell is about to ring, and the earth goes round the sun again

Looking back to 2020, the beginning of extraordinary

We are going backwards to ride the wind and the waves

Together to form an extraordinary and great 2020

The grand ceremony of the annual meeting was also opened

Although because of the epidemic, there is no stage and no light

But xyfilter family is still alive with enthusiasm

XYFILTER 2020 outstanding employees commendation Conference(图1)

Mr. Zhang Zhenlei, the general manager, highly affirmed the work of xyfilter's family in the past year, and presented the Sales Champion Award, excellent employee award, excellent director award, excellent Department award, general manager special award, chairman special award, etc.

In their work in 2020, they are committed to their duties, have lofty aspirations, dare to shoulder the heaviest burden, dare to break the biggest problems, and play a great role in their respective jobs, making achievements and setting a benchmark.

The chairman and general manager of the board of directors issued new year's red envelopes to all employees on the eve of the Spring Festival, thanking all employees for their hard work in 2020.

I wish you all good health, family happiness and all the best in the New Year!

Here, all of today's Honors and feelings come together to encourage us to make all-round efforts towards the development direction of 2021 and move towards a new and bright future!

Long journey, only struggle!

Thank you for your company in 2020!

2021, let's start again, come on!

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